How to view unpublished and unsaved pages

30 June 2014

When you save a page you've just edited, it saves as a draft. It is not publicly available on your website unless you "Publish" it or "Save and Publish" it.

This means that visitors will see the page without the latest changes, and you have a chance to keep working on changing it further.

In C1 CMS, you can view the "saved"/ "unpublished" page as well as preview the page while editing without actually saving it.

Viewing an unpublished page in C1 CMS Console

To view a draft of a page:

  1. In the Content perspective, select the page you want to see as a draft.
  2. Click Browse Saved Page on the toolbar.

The draft version of the page will open in a separate tab in the editor area of the C1 CMS Console.

Alternatively, you can right-click the page and select Browse Saved Page in the shortcut menu.

Previewing unsaved changes

When you are editing a page, you are not necessarily supposed to save the page to preview the changes.

To view unsaved changes while editing a page:

  • Click the Preview tab.

Viewing an unpublished page in the browser

By adding a specific parameter to the page URL opened in the browser, you can view its unpublished version rather than the published one.

To view an unpublished page in the browser:

  1. Open the page in your web browser.
  2. Append "/c1mode(unpublished)" to the URL, for example, http://<your_website>/Some-Page/c1mode(unpublished)
  3. Press ENTER.

The page will reload as the unpublished one.




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