Saint Mary's Missionary Baptist Church

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At SMMBC, we believe in and teach God’s biblical Word. Come join us as we worship Jesus, the risen Savior.


Olde School Choir

Pastor: Arthur Graham Jr.

Regular Services:   
 Church School Sundays - 10:00 AM 
 Worship Service Sundays - 11:00 AM 
 Bible Study Wednesdays - 7:00 AM 


Information Age Mission

The Technology Ministry has initiated a concerted effort to, "reach out to God's people wherever they may be". We believe a gospel rich website is the firm and modern foundation which supports mankind's greatest commission. Join with us in prayer as we undertake this new and exciting opportunity, provided by the founder of our faith; the Lord, Jesus Christ. Welcome to the Alpha 0.1 version of the website, God is the beginning of all things.


Contact Us:

4695 Conway Rd, Orlando, FL 32812 | Phone: (407) 273-9296 |